5th February 2023, Dr Chee L Khoo I have to write this post. I really must. All of you know that Medicare is totally non-functional. It was meant to make healthcare affordable and accessible. It is definitely neither and has been like this for years. More specifically, general practice isContinue Reading

25th December 2022 Healthfocus Family Practice is closed for the Christmas/New Year holidays. We will reopen on Tuesday 10th January 2023. If you need to contact me during this period, Send me a text message to my mobile Send me an email Contact me via Facebook Messenger (search chee khoo)Continue Reading

17th May 2022, Dr Chee L Khoo Sorry guys. I have been exposed to Covid-19 since arriving home last night. If not for being a doctor, I would not need to isolate as I have tested negative for Covid-19 and have no symptoms. But, unfortunately, being in medical practice, theContinue Reading

5th April 202, Dr Chee L Khoo I have been meaning to write something about Covid-19 for weeks but as you can imagine, life have been chaotic over the last few weeks in more ways than one. First, all my travel plans were completely uprooted. I was supposed to beContinue Reading