Healthfocus would like to thank those for participating in our recent survey (February 2023). Your response allows us to serve better. Almost all of you who participated in the survey were happy with the quality of our service provided at healthfocus. at least 20% of your were not happy with the waiting time before you were seen. We understand your frustration and some of you appreciated that sometimes, emergencies occur. Nonetheless, we have instituted some additional measures and policies to reduce that waiting time (see below).

The full survey can be found here. The results of survey can be found here.

As a direct response to your feedback from the survey, from March 2023, we will:

  • Limit only 2 problems per consultation. Please book for a longer consultation if there are more than 2 problems to be discussed
  • All driving medical examinations must be booked separately as a single consult on a separate day. Please inform the receptionist when making an appointment.
  • All requests for care plans to see an allied health practitioner (e.g. podiatrist, physiotherapist) or psychologist must be booked separately as a single consult. Please inform the receptionist when making an appointment
  • We will NOT issue any referrals or lost or expired prescriptions without a consultation although a booked telephone consultation is acceptable. We cannot issue scripts or referrals without seeing the patient as a consultation. Please do not ask us for a prescription or referral on behalf of a family member.
  • No “can you see little Johnny here as well?”. All patients must have an appointment with the receptionist before hand. Any unannounced add on will incur an additional $30 surcharge. Unannounced request for a consultation causes havoc to the running of the practice long after you have gone. This is a major cause of delays.
  • The books at healthfocus will be closed to all new patients. Patients who has not been to the practice for more than 3 years are generally considered to have left the practice and considered new patients.