How safe are triathlons?

We hear athletes drop dead at sporting events every so often. Often, they are not to do with blocked arteries but more about undetected (and almost undetectable) irregular heart rhythms that causes sudden death. Fortunately, while seemingly fit and healthy individuals still drop dead at sporting events, the incidence is still much lower that the incidence [...]

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Fat but healthy – is there such a thing?

We have no difficulty recognising patients with metabolic syndrome – obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. But life is a lot more complicated than [...]

Saturated Fats – not as evil as first thought but…

We have all been brought up to advise reducing total fat and saturated fatty acid intake, based on the presumption that replacing saturated fatty acids with carbohydrate and [...]

How to get the flu?

To many of you, this article might have come too late. Many of you may already had the flu this winter in the "worst flu epidemic in 15 years" (no, it isn't but then it [...]

Getting old doesn’t mean getting weak

Most people often assume that we will get weak when we get old. It doesn't have to be the case. In fact, as many of you would have heard me say "it's not old and weak, it's [...]

Closed for Easter/ANZAC Day

Been a very long 13 weeks since January. Time for a break. Will be closed till after ANZAC day. Reopening Wednesday 26th [...]

Christmas & New Year

Healthfocus Family Practice is now closed for Christmas and New Year Holidays. We will be back, refreshed, from Monday 9th January Have a merry and safe Christmas and New [...]

A gift that keeps giving…

When I first came to Australia more than 35 years ago, I couldn't understand why Aussies were so pre-occupied with sports. There were football, rugby, AFL, cricket, tennis, [...]

Election 2016 and Health

Will you hop into a car with a tired or an irritable driver? Will you be happy if your airline pilot didn’t sleep well last night? So, would you like your doctor (GP or [...]

Back from holidays

Healthfocus has re-open again. The fluvaccine for 2016 not here yet. This year quadrivalent (4 strain) vaccine will contain: An A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09-like [...]

“This year’s flu will be bad….”

Don't you like those headlines. We haven't seen them yet as the weather is still too warm to worry yet. It happens every year. Just in case you are anxiously wondering when [...]