Covid-19 boosters

4th December 2023, A/Prof Chee L Khoo

Most of us are kind of vaccined out after 3+ years of the pandemic. Not another Covid-19 booster. Is it my 5th or 6th or more jab? When does all these end? Does it end at all? Do I need another booster?

Well, I must admit (and some of you who asked me a few weeks ago would recall) I had the same sentiments up until a recent medical lecture that I chaired and attended. While the numbers of people with Covid-19 infections and the number of people dying from the infection have significantly reduced from the peak of the pandemic, it is by no means gone. Those at higher risk are the ones that dominate those numbers. Further, we don’t hear about the people who don’t die but ended with severe disease. If you fall into the categories below, there is a much higher risk of developing severe disease or die. Many of those with severe disease will end up needing more care to remain independent at home. Up to a quarter of those with severe disease have ended up in nursing homes after the infection. Please don’t take your independence for granted.

These are the groups that are recommended to have ongoing 6 monthly boosters:

  • >65 years old irrespective of whether well or not
  • <65 years old but with one or more medical conditions

high blood pressure, diabetes, lung condition, heart condition or any condition that makes you immunocompromised or on medication which make you immunocompromised.

  • 5-17 years old with complex medical conditions

You are recommended to receive an additional 2023 COVID-19 vaccine dose if 6 months has passed since your last dose or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

There are a few other groups of people who we recommend should receive the boosters:

  • People planning to travel overseas soon
  • People going on a cruise soon
  • People who have look after family members in the above categories of higher risks
  • Anyone who prefer to stay protected.

The new vaccine coming out on 11th December 2023 is the vaccine covering the XBB 1.5 variant. There are three to choose from:

For administrative purposes, we will only be providing Comirnarty (Pfizer) from the 11th December. There will be no charge for the vaccination at healthfocus family practice.

My family and I will be receiving the boosters before we go overseas and we highly recommend that you and family do the same.