15th June 2020, Dr Chee L Khoo Yes, we were told that if you are well, wearing a non-medical mask doesn’t quite protect you from catching Covid-19. We were told that the evidence is there. When you hear from most (if not all) experts that non-medical face masks do notContinue Reading

5th April 202, Dr Chee L Khoo I have been meaning to write something about Covid-19 for weeks but as you can imagine, life have been chaotic over the last few weeks in more ways than one. First, all my travel plans were completely uprooted. I was supposed to beContinue Reading

Anecdotal evidence suggests that having a pet reduces cardiovascular mortality. Does it? You can imagine that trying to conduct a scientific can be difficult. There are many factors to consider: pre-existing risks profile of the pet owner, physical activity before and after pet ownership, marital status of the owner. Do pet ownership benefit men or women more? Well, the evidence is rather conflicting though. It is still worthwhile examining the evidence because if the benefits are there, we should be recommending pet ownership to many of all of you.