About Dr Chee L Khoo (M.B.,B.S. Hons.)

He graduated from Sydney University in 1996 with Honours.  After graduation, he served in Liverpool, Fairfield and Bankstown Hospitals, gaining experience in internal medicine, orthopaedics and paediatrics. He was an orthopaedic and general surgical trainee at the National University Hospital, Singapore between 1988-1989 before returning to Australia. He further served in the Emergency Department of Liverpool Hospital between 1990-1995.

Dr Khoo has been serving the residents of Southwest Sydney as a GP since 1990. He has a strong passion for diabetes and related metabolic conditions over the last 20 years. He is active in local, state and national medical organisations. He frequently travels within the state and nationally lecturing and networking with other experts in the diabetes field.

He holds the following positions:

  • Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism Translational Research Unit (DOMTRU) – Co-Chair, Education Working Group
  • RACGP Diabetes Specific Interest Group – Member
  • South West Sydney Healthpathways – GP Clinical Lead
  • National Association of Diabetes Centre (NADC) – Member, Foot Network
  • University of NSW and Western Sydney University – Conjoint Lecturer
  • GPVoice.com.au – Editor-in-Chief

He has a passion in travelling, computer programming, Website designing and history. He is a long distance runner and competes regularly in marathons and half marathons. He has a further passion in teaching. He practise absolute work life balance.